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Removal of warts and papillomas

One of many different benign tumours that require treatment is the wart.

The most common cause of its appearance is a virus which is actively working in the body when people have reduced immune system or experience state of stress. After the dermatologist diagnoses the disease (warts have similarities with other lesions of the skin), the appropriate treatment will be prescribed.

Price for one unit50 €

How is the procedure performed?

Among the most effective methods of treating the warts doctors emphasize laser wart removal. This method not only gives excellent results, but it is the least traumatic and least painful. In one session, which lasts only a few minutes, the wart is completely removed. In its place may remain a small depression of skin colour, which does not require special care and a long recovery period. No scars and pigmentation will remain. Excision of wart by laser is completely sterile (this is ensured by the use of laser technology itself), so there is no risk of infection and post procedural complications.